About Amber Thiel

About CEO, Amber Thiel

  • International Speaker and Author
  • Former College Professor of Human Nutrition and Wellness
  • Former Academic All-American volleyball player
  • Assistant Volleyball Coach, University of Findlay
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Co-Author of The Healthy Edge Cookbook 
  • 2009 Women of Influence Honoree, Business Examiner
  • 2009 & 2010 Top Five Fitness Instructors, King 5 News Best of Western Washington
  • 2010 40 under Forty, Business Examiner
  • 2010 Rising Star Award, Business Examiner
  • Wife to Brian, Mom to Berlyn Grace

A Message From Amber

"I remember feeling "healthy" was hard. I lived a lifestyle where I worked out every day for one to two hours, weighed myself multiple times during the day, counted calories and fat grams, abused laxatives, popped diet pills, drank diet sodas and bought "low-calorie" foods. I also struggled with bulimia and intermittent times of starvation. For over five years, I desperately tried to achieve the weight I thought would make me happy, confident and desireable. Most of my days I spent "in my head", obsessing over what I could or couldn't eat and how many calories I needed to burn at my next workout. Along with taking anti-depressants, struggling with insomnia, having no energy and not pooping, I was also dealing (or rather not dealing) with my mom's eight year battle with breast cancer and death at the young age of 45.  Needless to say, I was a "hot mess". Consumed by the quest to find my happiness by being thin and therefore beautiful, I was in my late 20's and making no headway.

Eventually I began to realize that more than a number on the scale, I wanted to feel good, have intimate loving relationships, be at peace with my body and spend more time making a difference rather than obsessing about food, exercise and how I looked naked. What's the point of being thin if you feel like poo? The picture to the left was taken at the time I was at the height of my obsessive behavior. I was puffy, pudgy and weighed 25 pounds more than what I weigh today. (By the way, I don't weigh myself anymore and only know my weight because of check-ups when I was pregnant with Berlyn.) I couldn't believe that even at the beginning of my pregnancy, I had released 25 pounds since I had stopped obsessing, restricting, excessively exercising, weighing myself and counting calories. And the most amazing part was I loved how I looked and didn't even care about the number. Everyday I am thankful that I no longer live in the bondage of my past life, searching for happiness and purpose in a number or dress size.

My husband, Brian, also struggled with many of the same issues I did including severe gastrointestinal issues he had dealt with his whole life. He has released over 40 pounds since we began this incredible journey we call The Healthy Edge. What we do daily is not rocket science, but the basic health principles we live and teach are lost in the daily mass marketing that leaves people confused and believing there is a "trick" to weight loss and optimal health. This confusion takes responsibility away from the person and places it in the diet or system they are following. My mission at The Healthy Edge is to put you back into the driver's seat of your own health and results. Because only YOU can make the choices that will change your life. 

How Brian and I live and look is proof that being healthy and releasing weight can be simple, enjoyable, freeing and produce results. We love enjoying beer at my husband's brewery in Seattle and enjoy foods you would never find on a diet plan including chips and salsa, margaritas and chocolate! We have reduced our inflammation, no longer feel bloated or puffy, enjoy sound sleep (except when the baby wakes us up) and have energy that rivals what we felt in our childhood. But more importantly, we are confident in who we are and are able to give more to the world because we have the self-esteem, energy and focus to do it. It is my journey to health and my background in health and fitness that compelled me to create The Healthy Edge lifestyle program and community. I would be honored to support you on your journey to discovering how to release weight, restore hope and reveal your full potential!

I invite you to check out The Healthy Edge 8 course lifestyle program and supportive online health community supported by professional and caring certified Healthy Edge coaches. Together we are committed to living a more abundant life though progress, not perfection. 

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please contact my support team or speaking availability and pricing.

What People Are Saying about Amber Thiel:

Amber has taken her passion for healthy living and translated it into a business that truly inspires! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and Amber has shown herself to be an outstanding leader, developing a team of professionals who work together towards a common goal. Her honest desire to help others discover their own personal health journey shows through with every communication, whether it be in person, on video, or webcast. The science behind every single topic is carefully researched, and then presented in Amber's own entertaining style. I love how Amber makes health and science topics FUN!

- Robin Thomas


Amber is such a fun & energetic individual that opened my life to healthy living. She is a powerful motivational speaker, and is engaged in her client’s well-being. Her business, The Healthy Edge attributed to creating a healthier lifestyle and made me realize that in order to live life, you must love it first. I have grown the last two years, using her powerful words and program to keep motivated and continue to create a healthy life style change.

- Paige Watson


Amber Thiel is a dynamic communicator with a contagious passion for life and health. I've worked Amber in various settings - most recently hiring her to speak at a conference - and she always delivers. She possesses high energy, deep convictions, expert knowledge, and tremendous crowd engagement. When it comes to health and habit-change, she's becoming one of the best!

- Caleb Anderson


It is with great pleasure that I recommend Amber Thiel as a speaker, coach, business partner or friend. Amber is the real deal! She is smart, creative, honest and filled with passion for what she does! After seeing so many people get results from The Healthy Edge I felt compelled to become a Healthy Edge Coach myself to help inspire, educate and empower the people I work with. The Healthy Edge is the best program of it's kind that I have seen anywhere. Amber and her sister, April, have co-created a program that people can relate to and use in the real world of their own lives. Thank you, Amber, for creating the Healthy Edge and for your passion in sharing it with others! I am honored to be one of your Healthy Edge Coaches!

- Dyann Lyon


I have had the distinct honor of getting to know Amber over the past 6 months and have found her to be so full of energy, passion and desire that it is hard to not have the same. She has an absolutley unparelled passion to help others stay healthy and correct situations in ones life regarding health and weight.

-Nathan Fred Shaw


As Co-Founder of The Healthy Edge, Amber Thiel has definitely found her calling. Amber brings her vast energy, incredible knowledge and high motivation to the Healthy Edge program, designed to help individuals and their families live longer, healthier lives.  Amber drives the unparalleled support for Healthy Edge Coaches. When Amber asked me how she could better support me and my fellow Healthy Edge coaches in the Cincinnati area, I told her to come to Cincinnati and talk to us. So that she did! As a motivational speaker, Amber ignites a room. We packed the room and would do so again.

-Christine Weber