About CEO, Amber Thiel

About CEO, Amber Thiel

  • International Speaker and Author
  • Former College Professor of Human Nutrition and Wellness
  • Former Academic All-American volleyball player
  • Assistant Volleyball Coach, University of Findlay
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Co-Author of The Healthy Edge Cookbook 
  • 2009 Women of Influence Honoree, Business Examiner
  • 2009 & 2010 Top Five Fitness Instructors, King 5 News Best of Western Washington
  • 2010 40 under Forty, Business Examiner
  • 2010 Rising Star Award, Business Examiner
  • Healthy Mom to Berlyn Grace

A Message From Amber

"I started my journey to discover my "Healthy Edge" over twelve years ago. Although my "before" picture shows me smiling and some may not consider me "overweight", I was bloated, exhausted, depressed, anxious - and I hate my body. Despite my best efforts to follow a system or diet, I always ended up reverting back to old habits and self-sabotaging my results. I realized I was never going to be fixed by a diet, because my issues were deeper than the food.

You can read my credentials above. I had the knowledge and training that should have produced results, but my obsession with achieving the perfect body and finding a short-cut kept me in bondage to the scale, calorie counting and the next fad diet. I lived in a selfish haze - consumed with how I looked, what I was going to eat (or not eat) and when I was going to fit in my next workout. Looking back, a lot of this stemmed from losing my mom to a long battle with breast cancer when I was only 23 years old along with rejection I had experienced as a young girl with "stupid boys". Somewhere along the way, I made a subconscious decision that getting close to people meant they would leave me - so I avoided intimacy with people and I figured if I looked perfect - then I would find my self-worth and remain in control without having to be vulnerable.

Living in this hell, I had very little time or energy to focus on what God had purposed me for. Slowly I began to feel more and more hopeless and joyless. I eventually found my personal rock bottom - binging and purging daily, abusing laxatives daily, excessively exercising, obsessively counting calories, living on coffee and diet soda all day, depending on an antidepressant and living alone with my 2 cats. I had insomnia, my hair was falling out, I pooped once a week, my skin was unhealthy and even though I had people around me every day at work and friends to hang out with on the weekends - I was utterly alone. I was a mess.

When I hit bottom, I looked up. I surrendered. I couldn't do it in my own strength and I couldn't do it the way the world told me to do it. I listened to my heart and the wisdom that already lived inside of me. I stopped dieting. I applied the education I had been gifted with and started eating to love and nourish myself rather than to achieve some external number. I drank a lot of clean water, gave up the diet sodas and released some other unhealthy habits and thought patterns.

It's impossible for me to not share that my journey was led and fueled by my relationships with my friend, Lord and healer - Jesus. Although this program is not based on a Christian curriculum (although one might be in the works) - it is an opportunity for you to look beyond to food to WHY you use food the way you do. I have enjoyed some deep healing of emotional wounds from my past that I had consistently numbed with unhealthy food, toxic relationships and alcohol habits. In these areas of weakness, I now found my strength. I made a decision to no longer partner with the fear of being out of control and relinquished control to the Lord. It wasn't easy, it wasn't tear free, it wasn't perfect either - but it has been worth every single second. I am transformed and you can be too.

I live today a free woman. Although I am 25 pounds thinner and have never physically looked or felt better in my life - more importantly I don't live obsessed and fearful. I live with purpose and hope. Two years ago, God gave me the greatest blessing - my daughter, Berlyn, who will only know a mom who is as healthy on the inside as she is on the outside. Praise God for this version of me that He had always intended! How many mom's reading this want to be the best version of themselves? I believe it is more than possible - it is inevitable if you just take the first step - and then the next and so forth.

As CEO and creator of The Healthy Edge, my purpose is to set women free, just like I was set free. Overcoming the battle and breaking the strongholds surrounding your weight, energy and health issues frees up the energy to live out your purpose and love people more. That's exactly why I began The Healthy Edge movement - to empower women to be confident leaders in their own health and their family's health so they can live the abundant life God intended for them.


I invite you to check out The Healthy Edge 8 course lifestyle program and supportive online health community supported by professional and caring certified Healthy Edge coaches. You can also reach out and schedule a free coaching session with me here.

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please contact my support team for speaking availability and pricing.


What People Are Saying about Amber Thiel:

Amber has taken her passion for healthy living and translated it into a business that truly inspires! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and Amber has shown herself to be an outstanding leader, developing a team of professionals who work together towards a common goal. Her honest desire to help others discover their own personal health journey shows through with every communication, whether it be in person, on video, or webcast. The science behind every single topic is carefully researched, and then presented in Amber's own entertaining style. I love how Amber makes health and science topics FUN!

- Robin Thomas


Amber is such a fun & energetic individual that opened my life to healthy living. She is a powerful motivational speaker, and is engaged in her client’s well-being. Her business, The Healthy Edge attributed to creating a healthier lifestyle and made me realize that in order to live life, you must love it first. I have grown the last two years, using her powerful words and program to keep motivated and continue to create a healthy life style change.

- Paige Watson


Amber Thiel is a dynamic communicator with a contagious passion for life and health. I've worked Amber in various settings - most recently hiring her to speak at a conference - and she always delivers. She possesses high energy, deep convictions, expert knowledge, and tremendous crowd engagement. When it comes to health and habit-change, she's becoming one of the best!

- Caleb Anderson


It is with great pleasure that I recommend Amber Thiel as a speaker, coach, business partner or friend. Amber is the real deal! She is smart, creative, honest and filled with passion for what she does! After seeing so many people get results from The Healthy Edge I felt compelled to become a Healthy Edge Coach myself to help inspire, educate and empower the people I work with. The Healthy Edge is the best program of it's kind that I have seen anywhere. Amber and her sister, April, have co-created a program that people can relate to and use in the real world of their own lives. Thank you, Amber, for creating the Healthy Edge and for your passion in sharing it with others! I am honored to be one of your Healthy Edge Coaches!

- Dyann Lyon


I have had the distinct honor of getting to know Amber over the past 6 months and have found her to be so full of energy, passion and desire that it is hard to not have the same. She has an absolutley unparelled passion to help others stay healthy and correct situations in ones life regarding health and weight.

-Nathan Fred Shaw


As Co-Founder of The Healthy Edge, Amber Thiel has definitely found her calling. Amber brings her vast energy, incredible knowledge and high motivation to the Healthy Edge program, designed to help individuals and their families live longer, healthier lives.  Amber drives the unparalleled support for Healthy Edge Coaches. When Amber asked me how she could better support me and my fellow Healthy Edge coaches in the Cincinnati area, I told her to come to Cincinnati and talk to us. So that she did! As a motivational speaker, Amber ignites a room. We packed the room and would do so again.

-Christine Weber