8-Week Transformation

Screw Diets.

Screw diets. That's right, get over the quick fix mentality that only leads to inevitable failure and a bruised self-esteem. Here's the truth...it takes discipline to get thin and stay thin. It requires commitment to enjoy optimal health. Ready for more truth?

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Create Your Crystal Clear Vision for Health, Vitality and Energy. Identify What's Keeping You Stuck. Receive a Strategy You Can Begin Immediately.

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3-Part Series

Party in a Blender

Ready for some confidence in the kitchen? What about simple ways to make smoothies, nutbars and salsa with NO COOKING? Make your health journey simple and delicious!

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Feel Better.
Look Better.
Regain Your Energy.
Shift Your Mindset.
Love Your Body.


No More Diets.
No More Scales.
No More Failure.
No More Self-Sabotage.
Take Control.


8-Week Transformation.
Professional Coaching.
World Renowned
Lifestyle System.
Online Community.
  • Click Me!
    Click Me!

    Here at The Healthy Edge, we believe that your life is more than gaining and losing weight. We also believe that the only solution to lifelong results in...

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  • 250+ Recipes!
    250+ Recipes!

    The Healthy Edge offers the most comprehensive and economical online health community available. Receive access to over 250 recipes searchable by ingredient or gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian options...

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  • What’s Really Holding You Back From Doing What You Know!
    What’s Really Holding You Back From Doing What You Know!

    Nobody talks health like Amber. If you are ready for brutal honesty full of love and humor, this is it. If you have been waiting for a kick...

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  • Featured Testimony
    Featured Testimony

    "I’ve just completed the Healthy Edge program at the Center at Norpoint.  It opened a journey I hope to continue for life, I say hope because I take...

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