Transformative October Series

Secret Eating

Whether it’s stress, anxiety, worry, loneliness, habit or self-sabotage, “secret eating” is what is holding most people back from truly having the health they ultimately desire (on the outside and inside). Join us for a 4-part LIVE series.

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Free Health Coaching

30-Minute Consultation

Are you ready for a lifestyle change, but could use some support and accountability? Get a FREE 30-Minute consultation with one of our Certified Health Coaches. Take the first step today!

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Food Addictions

Food Additives

Over 80% of our processed foods contain an additive that is used for the sole purpose of enhancing flavor and making us EAT MORE! Eating more (of the bad stuff) = gaining more. Known as excitotoxin,the chemical is known as “natural” or “artificial” flavors as well as “spices". Are you being exposed?

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Lose Weight.
Regain Your Energy.
Balance Your Moods.
Never DIET Again.
Be the BEST you!


No More Diets.
No More Scales.
No More Failure.
No More Self-Sabotage.
Take Control.


8-Week Transformation.
Professional Coaching.
World Renowned
Lifestyle System.
Online Community.
  • Upcoming Challenges
    Upcoming Challenges

    How Did I Get Here? We learn from a young age how to be in control around people and out of control around food. Although food is suppose...

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  • 250+ Recipes!
    250+ Recipes!

    The Healthy Edge offers the most comprehensive and economical online health community available. Receive access to over 250 recipes searchable by ingredient or gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian options...

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  • Featured Testimony
    Featured Testimony

    “Just as you are doing now, I’ve read a lot of “Health Success Stories”.  To be honest, when I read them before embarking on my own journey, I always...

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  • Click Me!
    Click Me!

    Here at The Healthy Edge, we believe that your life is more than gaining and losing weight. We also believe that the only solution to lifelong results in...

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